Merlin™ Feeds Champions

This year’s state fairs and shows added many "Grand Champion" and "Champion" winners to the long list of Merlin-fed showpigs! Several top winners are featured here.

You can view many of our other prize-winning champions and read testimonials about our products on the Photo Gallery page. If you feed Merlin products and would like to add your winning pig to our Photo Gallery, send your name, a photo of your champion, the award received, and the name of the show to our Webmaster.

Pigs and Only Pigs

Merlin Show Diets began when the top seedstock producers in the country started asking Suidae Technology (our parent company) to develop a showpig line. It turned out that these customers had been showing pigs --- winning pigs --- on our commercial diets for more than two decades, but they wanted a program designed specifically for the special needs of show pigs.

Our nutritionist, Dr. Fred Madsen, developed The Merlin Show Pig Diets®. These diets are based on performance-tested blend of ideal protein, carbohydrates, fats, electrolytes, Optimin™ Chelated Trace Minerals, Chromax™ Chromium and natural vitamin E for maximum muscle mass and that special look of a show pig winner. In only five years, the Merlin products have fed many champions and become a well-known, show-ring proven nutritional system designed for champions.

Suidae means pigs. And Merlin Show Diets means serious nutrition for champion showpigs!

A Full Line of Products

Merlin offers a complete line of show diet products and add packs to supplement your show pig’s diet. We offer a series of special products for sows (The Foundation 3-Step Program) because we understand the importance of a solid pre-natal care program in a pig’s development.

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